MAC Lightful C Marine-Bright Range

So the Lightful C range from MAC Cosmetics! A range that allegedly brightens and gives your skin its natural radiance!

Softening Lotion Spray 100ml

Softening Lotion Spray 100ml £20 Shop Here

A lotion spray infused with ‘Marine-Bright Formula’ and ‘Super-Duo Charged Water’. This product is supposed to leave the skin refreshed, soft, clarified and brightened.

To me, this product did basically nothing special, although it did make the skin lovely and smooth, but didn’t seem to have any brightening results. Unfortunately, the brightening qualities were the reason why I was attracted to this line, which was disappointing.

The formula was nice and lightweight but does take awhile to absorb into the skin and the pump didn’t give an even coverage as it kind of spat the product at you, so it did take some extra effort to massage into the skin.

Vibrancy Eye Cream 15ml

Vibrancy Eye Cream 15ml £27 Shop Here

An eye cream packed with Vitamin C that is supposed to reduce puffiness, reduce the appearance of dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, also, hydrate and instantly soothe the skin.

I personally thought this product was alright. I didn’t really see any major changes to the eye area but did slowly reduce dark circles over time and was soothing to the skin. The formula is quite thick and heavy which could do more damage than actually helping. As the eye area is very delicate.

In my personal opinion there many other products available that give the exact same result, so I won’t be rushing the repurchase this product.

But one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Or Maybe I may not have any natural radiance, So If you’d like to check them out for yourself!
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