Altr For Men

So the Altr for Men range, I first saw this advertised through Facebook and was interested to try it out. This line has been heavily advertised through social media by various reality TV show stars such as Sam Thompson (Made in Chelsea) and Gary Beadle (Geordie Shore). So I definitely wanted to see what I thought of the range myself!

Whiskey Infused Moisturizers 110ml/3.72 Fl Oz

Picture of Whiskey infused Moisturizer

Whiskey Infused Moisturizers 110ml/3.72 Fl Oz
£7.99  Shop Here

A moisturizer infused with whiskey, to help the skin absorb the hydrating formula more effectively. Which, I agree with the product is fully absorbed into the skin in seconds! Leaving the skin with a smooth and slightly tacky residue, on the plus side, the formula doesn’t feel greasy and make your face seem or feel oily.

After a few weeks of using this, I don’t really see much difference to my skin though, my face is more matte after using this but only temporarily, as my forehead and nose eventually do get oily,

More dry areas of my skin are definitely softer though! To me, this is just a standard moisturizer with no long-lasting benefits.

Face Fix 15g/0.53Oz

 Picture of Face Fix cream

Face Fix 15g/0.53Oz
£9.99 Shop Here

The Face Fix clay, a good light-coverage formula that helps sharpen your image hiding blemishes and undesirable tired areas. With ingredients such as clay, this helps to draw out grime and oil to help keep your skin fresh and clean.

To me this is more like a sheer concealer, but what great about this it blends into the skin seamlessly, I, unfortunately, did order the light shade which was too light for me, but I like this product as other methods of concealing dark circles have ended up looking thick and ‘cakey’ in the past, at a great price point of £9.99, I would highly recommend!

Check them out for yourself!
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